Week in pictures: 11-17 March

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A selection of powerful news photographs taken around the world this week.

Best Supporting Actor Ke Huy Quan pops out behind Best Actor Brendan FraserImage source, Mike Blake / Reuters
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Ke Huy Quan, winner of this year's Best Supporting Actor award at the Oscars, popped out behind Best Actor winner Brendan Fraser, who was posing with his prize, flanked by his sons Leland and Holden at the 95th Academy Awards in Hollywood.
Image source, Mohammed Badra /EPA-EFE
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After the French government decided to force through pension reforms without a vote in parliament, thousands of people came out on the streets of Paris and other French cities to reject the move, singing the national anthem and waving trade union flags.
Image source, Mohsin Raza / Reuters
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Police clashed with supporters of Pakistan's main opposition leader Imran Khan, a former prime minister, outside his residence in Lahore as they tried to detain him on a court order. Mr Khan is facing allegations he sold state gifts while in office. He says the case is politically motivated.
Image source, Esa Alexander / Reuters
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More than 200 people are now confirmed dead in Malawi after Tropical Storm Freddy ripped through southern Africa for the second time in a month. The death toll is expected to rise as some areas remain cut off because of relentless rain and fierce winds.
Image source, Isaac Fontana / EPA-EFE
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A photograph of Marielle Franco, an outspoken councillor who was shot dead in Rio de Janeiro in March 2018, is projected on to a building in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ms Franco had been critical of the police's often deadly raids in densely populated shanty towns, or favelas, and denounced paramilitary groups run by retired and off-duty police known as milícias.
Image source, Tolga Akmen / EPA-EFA
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Britain's Chancellor Jeremy Hunt waved at his family as he posed with the Budget box before delivering his first Budget in the House of Commons.
Image source, Carlos Barria / Reuters
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California's stormy winter brought severe flooding and landslides to the state, which left thousands of residents without power.
Image source, Paul Childs / Reuters
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Jazzy Matty, ridden by Michael O'Sullivan, won the Boodles Juvenile Handicap Hurdle at this year's Cheltenham Festival.
Image source, James Ross / EPA-EFE
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Daniel Mazzei takes part in the Birdman Rally in Melbourne, Australia. The rally is a competition for homemade gliders, hang gliders and human-powered aircraft.
Image source, Jagadeesh Nv / EPA-EFE
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More than 12,000 people are expected to visit the India International Jewellery Show in Bangalore.

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