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"Bringing Hocking Media on board has been a fantastic business decision for us. They’ve really helped step up our marketing. The best part is that they pay for themselves by negotiating great deals, and also get us a lot more exposure for the money we spend. They’ve played a big role in our success. My only regret is not hiring them sooner."
–Don Barnes, Jr., CEO, Regional Tire Chain.


"Since hiring Hocking Media, we’ve seen double-digit increases in attendance and applications for our campus open houses, which are key marketing events for us. In addition, we’ve experienced a significant surge in applications from first-time, transfer and graduate students. We believe that Hocking Media helped contribute to these results, especially with the innovative online strategies they’ve introduced into our marketing mix."
–Walter Kraft, VP of Communications, Major State University.


"We have worked with Hocking Media for several years, and really like what they have done for us. They were quick to understand the specific needs of our business, and their extensive marketing background allowed them to grasp the full scope of our efforts and to make suggestions outside the media arena, too. They are excellent media negotiators and have given us a huge bang for our media bucks! We’ve also been impressed with the new thinking they’re bringing to our online efforts."
–Mark Reuter, Marketing Manager, Regional Credit Union. Back to top.



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