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Hocking Media leveraged a multi-million dollar budget to gain an equal amount of added-value exposure, doubling the impact of their radio and TV buy. Additionally, digital media buying efforts resulted in a 110% increase in online quotes, 140% increase in online store locator searches as well as doubling their website traffic and page views. All this, while spending $1 million less overall than the previous year. Hocking Media Group contributed to the best sales year in this client’s 90-year history. That’s the kind of value we pride ourselves on delivering. We’re ready to do the same for you. Just put in a call to us at 248.731.7820.



When Hocking Media was awarded the national broadcast media buying assignment, their overall budget had been reduced. HMG went to work negotiating substantially lower cost-per-points across markets such as Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, LA, San Francisco, Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Detroit, resulting in nearly $1.2 million in increased media impact. We’d love to do the same for you. Why not contact us?



Hocking Media helped achieve more exposure and stretched the university’s radio budget 50% further by negotiating added station mentions, appearances and digital coverage. We also implemented innovative digital media campaigns resulting in record attendance levels for events and registrations. Could we make this dramatic of a difference for your business? Let’s grab a cup of coffee and discuss. Contact us. Back to top.



To increase market awareness, Hocking Media Group implemented year-round radio buys that stretched the budget with bonus spots and PR mentions. The enhanced market awareness drove a remarkable increase in new members and auto loans over a two-year period. To more effectively capture audiences searching online, Hocking Media added banner advertising to the mix and took over management of the PPC search engine marketing program, both increasing their CTR rates and reducing their average CPC by a wide margin. Invite us in for a presentation and we can give you the full scope of what we accomplished. You’ll be impressed; we promise. Back to top.



Along with taking over radio, tv buying and direct mail for franchisees in the Midwest, Hocking Media Group implemented a digital media buying strategy that included online banner advertising and PPC search engine marketing. Total new memberships skyrocketed over the same period in the previous year, and online monthly signups showed strong gains. The numbers are even better than we can describe here; shoot us an email to see how we can help you. Back to top.

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