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TV and radio continue to deliver results, which is why ad spending for both is projected to remain steady for the foreseeable future.

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The death of traditional television and radio has been greatly exaggerated. Nothing delivers mass targeted impact like these two powerhouses. Hocking Media has the right team in place to build the most cost-effective broadcast plan for you and to holistically integrate it with digital media buying when appropriate.


With decades of experience planning, negotiating and implementing local, regional and national broadcast buys, you can’t go wrong with HMG. We are fierce negotiators. We secure no-charge spots, mentions, e-mail blasts, text blasts, sponsorships, special events, appearances, digital inventory and more to help boost exposure and results. The dollars you entrust to us are not abstract figures; we treat your budget like it’s our own.


We utilize sophisticated Strata® media management software and subscribe to Arbitron and Nielsen ratings to look at your target audience from every angle, placing your commercials in front of the right prospects at the right time – at the best possible rates. On the back end, we electronically audit all broadcast media invoices, to ensure that every spot ran correctly, in the right day part, at the right cost. We also do post-buy analyses to verify that GRPs promised were delivered. Back to top.



We offer the same comprehensive media planning and buying services for direct mail, print and outdoor advertising, and apply the same negotiation and auditing principles to these channels as well. Our goal is to help you implement media choices that best reach your target audience, and negotiate the best rates for every media channel we buy. Back to top.

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The success of any media effort depends on knowledge and experience in a rapidly changing market. Our skills are top-notch. And our passion and commitment to helping your marketing efforts succeed might shock you. See testimonials.

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