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Riddle Privacy Policy

Riddle (Third party quiz provider) privacy policy

Last updated: Feb 2019

We want to let you know that your information is safe with us. This privacy notice tells you what personal information we collect about you, what we do with it, how long we use it for and who we share it with when you play an interactive quiz.

What will we collect and how we use it?

We don’t ask you to tell us any personal information when you play one of our interactive quizzes. Some quizzes may have text boxes for you to enter your answers – please don’t accidentally tell us your personal information or any private information when you fill in the text boxes.

We collect some information automatically when you use our digital services. When you play an interactive quiz, we use cookies to collect information about some of the things users do, like which button you pressed. We use a session cookie to show you your right/wrong answers through the quiz and to give you a score at the end. We store the information collected through the session cookie as pseudonymous information- we’d be able to see that someone has played a quiz and their progress but we choose to not link it to anything to identify you and we don’t know the responses you gave. Once you have finished playing a quiz and closed your browser, the session cookie will be cleared. We also process your IP address in order to deliver the quiz to your web browser.

We need to have a good reason to use your personal information. It's called the 'lawful basis for processing'. For interactive quizzes, the lawful basis is legitimate interest. We have a legitimate interest in making our quizzes work well for our users.

Why do you use this information?

We use the information that’s collected from you for the purpose of letting you know your progress when you take a quiz and your quiz results. We use aggregated user responses and activity information to measure performance of our quizzes and to help us understand how people are using our services so we can make them better.

Who do you share information about me with?

We use technology made by a company called Riddle to run our interactive quizzes. When you play a quiz, Riddle will process your IP address to deliver the quiz to your web browser.

AT Internet, processes analytics data (such as your IP address) for the BBC to help us understand how people use our digital services, including quizzes, so we can make them better.

We won't share information about you with anyone else, except in special cases, like when it will help keep you safe.

Find out more!

Take a peek at our privacy pages, where you'll find the BBC Privacy and Cookies Policy and lots more on how we handle information about you, what rights you have, and what to do if you or your parent or guardian has a question or complaint.