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People are consuming more and more digital content on a daily basis. We can help integrate smart digital media strategies into your marketing plan that can make a big difference in your business. We monitor results in real-time and can quickly switch gears if necessary. You’ll be able to see the ROI for yourself with the comprehensive tracking and reporting we provide for our clients across all digital platforms. We have online strategists on staff, and we can work with your team to help create ads that really stand out. All campaigns are handled in-house; Hocking Media does not outsource digital media buying.



It’s a marketer’s dream. Reach only those people who are online, actively seeking information about your products or services. Then only pay when they click on your ad. We don’t mean to boast (well, kind of) but we’ve implemented tons of PPC campaigns for our clients with great success. We even have our own Certified Google Advertising Specialist on staff. At Hocking Media Group, in the interest of 100% transparency, we insist that clients maintain ownership of their own AdWords accounts including full access to campaign analytics.

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The process of buying online banner advertising has become increasingly complex, with more websites, ad networks, exchanges and demand-side platforms (DSPs) than ever before. We specialize in understanding the demographic, psychographic and online behavioral characteristics of your best prospects. We then hone in on them with sophisticated, laser-like targeting. From simple flash ad placements to expandable ads that include multi-faceted functionality, we leverage our experience and negotiating skills to deliver the best possible results. Return to top.



If you haven’t noticed, people are glued to their mobile phones 24/7 these days. Tablet use has tripled in the last year alone. Mobile banner ads are served on a separate platform. Unparalleled targeting capabilities and engaging, compelling creative execution are available today on the mobile platform, giving your company the ability to really stand out. Hocking Media also implements text message campaigns to promote special sales or events, solicit contest entries, or deliver coupons to encourage interaction with your brand. Return to top.



Online video allows your television ads or video vignettes to be served up online to a highly targeted group of prospects at a fraction of the cost of broadcast TV. And in most cases ads cannot be skipped, ensuring your messages are seen and heard. What’s not to love? Buying online video advertising is similar to TV media buying but with much more sophisticated targeting. Recent estimates indicate that U.S. digital video ad spending will nearly double between now and 2016. Hocking Media can leverage this unique channel to help you generate business effectively and cost-efficiently. Return to top.



Are you a Pandora or Spotify fan? Do you listen to iHeart radio? Or do you tune in to your favorite local radio station online? These are all forms of streaming audio that can play an important part in your digital media advertising plan. As an added bonus, companion banner ads appear while your audio message is playing online, giving prospects immediate access to your website. Not to mention giving us access to metrics that closely track consumer response to your ads. Return to top.

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